sugar alternatives

 So it looks like I am making the first post on this community. I hope it picks up soon though because nutrition is a really interesting subject, if you ask me!

So, I need some advice. I like to have porridge in the morning and I always add a sprinkle of ground cinnamon but I need a bit more sweetness. I try not to add sugar because of the empty calories involved and also because sugar increases my appetite. I have been having sweetener but with the link it has to bowel cancer (albeit only in rats to date) I am growing increasingly wary of using it. My grandmother and great-grandmother both died of bowel cancer. So, yeah. Trying to be healthy!

What other sweet alternatives are there to have in porridge? I don't really want to use honey or anything that spikes my blood sugar. But porridge is so BLAND on its own, particularly if made with water instead of milk!

I have been using a fruit sugar, which has a much lower GI than normal sugar and a lot less goes a lot further, and it tastes nice but its expensive to buy here in the UK.